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‘Road to Athens’ Liverpool fc, Al pacino speech from radio city’

Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina faces a fitness test on a minor hamstring problem. Forward Fabio Borini is out for three months with a broken foot, but midfi…
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  1. the best defender of all time is franz beckenbauer

  2. cahill and terry could win the world cup and they still wouldnt be one of the best defenders

  3. Et Sergio Ramos ???

  4. no ramos??? are u out of your freaking mind


  6. WOW!! What a shit list! If Barca wins the UCL every1 would say best defenders in the world are Alba,Pique,Puyol,Alves. But when Chelsea pulls off some incredible defensive performances to win both FA Cup and UCL with an interim manager then no1 cares and still chooses these crap players rather than the likes of Cahill and Terry.

  7. Incredible! So uplifting! I wish the video version was still around

  8. Video is here

  9. The original file was just audio – when it was up on YouTube before, the
    user who uploaded it made his own video to match the sound

  10. Where the video?

  11. Borini first one out lol

  12. haha “no fergie time”

  13. perfect!

  14. old video. Look at thier boots.

  15. old video? or did Borini…have a miracle recovery

  16. muhamad hazim ahmad khairudin

    they trained for europa

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