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Roy Keane Rare Clips – Manchester United Memories Part 1

Roy Keane Manchester United match clips memories. Roy Keane 1996-1998 clips. For more Roy Keane video’s subscribe to Keepitonthedeck YouTube Channel or Like …


  1. Didn’t you see Robson play?

  2. Keep making Roy Keane videos please 🙂 there fucking brilliant

  3. ye absolutely he was one of kind cantona will always b my favorite doh
    Keane is my favorite captain if dat makes sense ha

  4. Could also make a case for him to be among the best if not the best player
    the club has ever had.

  5. ye Robson was n always b a united legend but fr a paddy to fill them boots
    n fill then til his toes wer sticking out u have to say he is captain
    fantastic his passion is undeniable

  6. keano was ok, your the real legend 😉

  7. I think in any discussion of the best central midfielder in the EPL this
    man has to be up there. I think his only competition is Scholes and Viera.
    Maybe Gerrard and Lampard can be included, to a lesser extent.

  8. That was an incredibly random collection of clips.

  9. best captain this fantastic club has ever had

  10. Facebook page now up and running, for posters, video news, video requests,
    competitions and more, if your on Facebook search “keepitonthedeck” to find
    the page.

  11. All the video footage is mixed and put together by myself pal. The music is
    mixed by DJ Dimitrivangelis and Dave Aude.

  12. Who remixed this?

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