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Shinji Kagawa – Let’s Go – Goals, Skills, Pass – Manchester United – 2013

Please Watch in HD, Enjoy, and Comments. Song: Vicetone ft Calvin Harris and Ne-Yo – Let’s Go Credit: Subscribe ht…

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  1. Moyes should sell Shinji off to Istanbul or Paris or Roma cos this boy needs to get a chance

  2. ???What’s wrong with your logic? have i ever said play every match? Is about the chance?! DUDE! He play well and should give the chance. Last season is obvious, he made the difference at hat trick and motm at west ham game, before bench. He even come early in this pre-season, Are you really watch the game???! Respect him! Read what Shinji say about the situation. So if i ur boss, whatever i say about you is true? wtf wrong with your logic
    To tell you, i follow all the development

  3. MUTE

  4. Someone hashtag moyes so he sees this. FREEEEE SHINJI

  5. ペクペク太郎


  6. If DM doesnt play shinji it simply shows his backwards mentality that manchester united coach should not have, like madrid or barca, our most beautiful

  7. If

  8. japan u twat and actually he was playing in germany for dortmund

  9. #Free Shinji

  10. He’s from Japan dude. Creativity is different between them

  11. But Moyes not employ that creative type of football.

  12. What everyone fails to understand is that Kagawa IS the creative midfielder United need to play, but the poor guy gets left out while the likes of Cleverley, Young and Anderson take his place? I think it’s a fucking travesty, and then we complain of no midfielders when we have an excellent one right under our noses, can’t help but feel sorry for him.

  13. How on earth does the likes of cleverley, young and anderson play ahead of shinji..he is world class..sort it out moyes..for gods sake

  14. i know right? as a united fan im disgusted with most of the fanbase, they call themselves fans yet all they do is disrespect the team and players without giving them a chance

  15. This video is fkn annoying its fkn flashy as fuck and its not good

  16. and adnan will be creative in a few months. that guy is on fire already

  17. Why is kagawa never playing!!! wtf is moyes doing. he’s racist you know

  18. Kagawa is what man. utd .need they don’t need Fabregas !!!let him be in the first 11 Moyes !!his one of the best midfielder…….!!!!

  19. Automat Kalashnikova

    Moyes isnt going to play him he should just got back to China

  20. People keep saying we should have brought A creative midfielder like Ozil but we already have a creative midfielder Kagawa yes he’s no Ozil but he is a fantastic player

  21. kagawa should leave and join dormund and destroy man utd in the champions league to show moyes what he has lost

  22. very unique way of playing football

  23. Fking play him moyes !!!!!!

  24. fl7888 is japanese and it is apparent that he used google translation for his english sentences. as most know, most japanese are kagawa fans rather than a United fan. They are not even glory hunters but they are just kagawa fans and they root for indivisuals rather than the team itself.

  25. I’m not judging someone! I said “If”
    If you are a real fans then support the club no matter what happen. If you are not a fans then it’s up to you.
    There are two different things be a fans or just be a supporter.

    Supporting the club for over 40 years and then stop supporting because the club don’t do what he want. Such a selfish. Your friends are just supporter not fans!

    I don’t remember being slave is using heart & love

  26. guy on the LEFT could be the new vernon kay/has the eyes for a potential dr. who? fit aswell phwarrrr…. like if you agree

  27. Ha we’ll pass on the compliments!

  28. Ha we’ll pass on the compliments!

  29. Ha we’ll pass on the compliments!

  30. Yh he looks exactly the same as David De Gea#

  31. Check out our Tiago video, you’ll find out!

  32. you think Ronaldo has to ask them for higher wages? dude if Cristiano leaves, RM wont win a single thing. they need him way more than he needs them. i dont know why he hasnt signed an extension yet(although he doesnt have to since he has 2 years still on his current contract) but im confident it isnt because he said im worth x amount and they said no.

  33. I think he just asking for high wages so they tell him to get lost and he come on the free soon or we take him off there hands this season aha.

  34. Coming very soon…just testing out a few things!

  35. I hope united sign strootman and thiago.

  36. What you guys thinking about thiago potentially signing? I’m relishing it and hope it happens

  37. apparently Strootman will be signed on the 1st of July ( around 15 million) and a deal has already been made for Ezekiel Garay ( about 17 million ) hopefully we can wrap up Thiago soon.
    I don’t think Ronaldo will come back. he will either see out his contract and come in 2 years or sign a new deal to be the highest earning player

  38. When will the Thiago video be up?

  39. I hope we give our number 7 to a better player, you shouldn’t just give the number 7 to anyone!

  40. meh actually michael carrick mislead his folowers on twitter and everyone got confused. he said valencia will be wearing number 14, but it was for a completely different thing than his man u number.

  41. No we haven’t really. It was just the megastore worried that Moyes might make his own squad numbers. On the Ronaldo point, he wont come back. Its all just posturing for a bigger contract from Madrid. He wants to earn better than Eto’o, at Anzhi – best paid player in the world. Which kind of makes him a moron…

  42. In Dave We Trust

  43. Good man!

  44. De Gea’s english has really improved.

  45. You missed nothing, he still is lol

  46. Valencia is number 7, or have i missed something?

  47. This is a bull shit.

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