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Sony Alpha photo shoot at the Toronto FC Football Club pro soccer match

Sony Alpha photo shoot at the Toronto FC Football Club pro soccer match

The new Sony Alpha cameras came out last week and a group of photographers had a chance to try them at the Toronto FC Soccer match. This video is a summary o…

NASL: Soccer Bowl '84

Highlights of the Chicago Sting’s win over the Toronto Blizzard in the final North American Soccer League game ever played, the second leg of the 1984 NASL S…
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  1. Big deal – a bunch of people taking photos, but no photos. Fucking loser. Kill yourself please.

  2. I totally miss those Sony-Photo shoot events… they are so much fun …sad Sony offers those in Toronto only…

  3. Totally pointless exercise if we can’t see the stills . . .

  4. i have sony a35 and it is very greate for begginer like me

  5. this is the first time that I see a “pro” using SONY camera

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    although everyone is writing ‘check out my channel’, i think you should do that (i do that aswell) because the videos might be really good although no one is watching them.

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  7. mitsubishidiamante

    those Lens looks pretty Sick! im sure they are very expensive

  8. Alphasphere, you are a MORON! you hold the camera steadier than the monopod? Don’t give me that you don’t need it at 1/1000. Still matters. You probably have the stabilizer on too, right? You’re clueless.

  9. some of the photographers dont even know how to hold the cam and lens properly

  10. I have the sony 70-400 G SSM lens since six days now…..and I tell you that lens is great. Maybe the best sony lens ever made.

    I use it with my Sony Alpha a55 which has a 1.5 crop factor. That means you get a 600mm lele lens in combination. (1.5 x 400 = 600) That´s awesome.

  11. cause they must look crappy :X

  12. lol , the girl so funny  🙂

  13. A 7D + grip + extra battery comes very close to the weight of a pro body. Maybe only 150gram difference.

  14. yeah, but the 7D isn´t as heavy as a full body camera like a 1D mark IV or a D3

  15. Руслан Десакулов

    сколько телевиков то, аж глаза разбегаются =)

  16. Why the heck would one use a monopod in combination with a 70-200 setup? :S
    That’s combination is not heavy at all. Don’t give me a lame excuse like “Try using it all day long. It gets heavy after a few hours.” I carry the 7D + 70-200 2.8 + TC 1.4 all day long on a sports event and I run around like crazy in stead of planting my ass in one spot.

  17. no1 took any photo’s i wanna hear some shutters 🙂

  18. Don’t tell me Sony did bring along the Minolta 80-200 HS?


    The one in ugly silver paint is a 70-400 zoom.
    It’s not constant aperture but gets the greatest reviews.

  19. 70-200 is too short.. the Nikkor 200-400f4 would have been perfecto

  20. The team would not allow any of the images to be used with the video or published anywhere else. So we were not able to include the still images with the video.

  21. why it’s that no one shows the shots taken after the video?

  22. I doubt this vid will pique interest in the Alpha but the video footage is pretty good. Surprised why no one has asked what camcorder was used.

  23. Not much info shared and the photogs look pretty awkward. I’d have liked to have seen some of their shots included at the end of the videio.

  24. G series of 0:48

  25. Why am I not seeing Sony machines on European champions league games?

  26. …my only friend, the end..

  27. I was 5 yrs old and I remember! Great time to be a Chicago Fan and live in IL!

  28. It’s kind of sad to watch the highlights of a game like this and realize that it was the last game ever played for the old NASL.

  29. I totally forgot that’s Italy’s legenday Roberto Bettega played for the Blizzard. Even though I was always a Cosmos fan I had TONS of respect for the Chicago Sting. Karl Heinz Granitza was an awesome player.

    Thanks for posting this….this was the end of an incredible era. The NASL had GREAT players like Gerd Mueller, Cubillas, Beckenbauer, Cryuff, Pele, Carlos Alberto, Rodney Marsh, Gordon Banks, Chinaglia, Johann Neeskens…just great.

  30. Sports fans in Chicago forget that the run of championships did NOT start with the 1985 Chicago Bears, my friend. But rather with the 1981 & 84 Chicago Sting. When the MLS started about a decade ago, I was surprised that the Sting were not brought back, as the Chicago Fire was the old WFL entry in the mid 1970’s (which FAILED miserably). It was fun as a kid to go to Wrigley Field and watch soccer rather than baseball, the crowds were smaller and not as drinky.

  31. this was the end….

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