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Steven Gerrard – One Club Man – Liverpool FC – MRCLFCompilations

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Liverpool FC has a legacy of excellence built upon hard work both on and off the pitch. Watch how the Reds train with TRX to perform at an elite level.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. World Class

  2. 02:17 all is amazing. Strike, goal comment.

  3. OMG

  4. What a player I’m a Liverpool supporter and he’s absolute class YNWA

  5. Music is Two Steps From Hell – Protectors of the Earth

  6. Whats the music?

  7. gerrrraaaaaaard goal!!! I love this phrase

  8. Best video ever. wow. just wow.

  9. fav video of all time good work 🙂

  10. Fantastic<3

  11. Its tears in my eyes LEGEND :’)

  12. Pathorn Promsawat

    You can call him Gerrard, that’s his name. Legendary!

  13. my hero

  14. Is it me or do you get goosebumps watching videos about someone as brilliant as him.

  15. People, i may be a Man U fan, but I give massive respect to SG, he is one of the best premier league players, he deserves a lot of respect 🙂

  16. ManchsterUnited Roma

    steven gerrard

  17. 3:52 Andy Gray’s orgasm

  18. DubstepIntoTheFuture

    my fav goal of the last season, without a shadow of doubt.

  19. i think he is the best of all time

  20. there will NEVER be a man i love more

  21. he is realy capten

  22. Steven in our heart ! YNWA !!!!

  23. name of the music or song pleaseeee ???!!!!!!!

  24. verzekeringsadviseur

    goosebumps at 2:18, what a moment!

  25. Most loyal player ever

  26. yea and photochop to

  27. Truly awful voiceover. Why are they training Martin Skrtel like that? Strapped up ankles and thrusting. Kinky… Not that I’m complaining!

  28. Hello I started to train a week ago and I am 14 and I am doing every day 20 push ups 50 sit-ups and 10 pull-ups when I wake up and at noon and befor I go to sleep is it a good training program for a 14 years old ??

  29. This add is terrible, so many mistakes. why would you count every calorie you eat and every minute you sleep, i used to do it and it ruined 6 months of my life, i obsessed over eveything now ive stopped and im happy and thats what matters, terrible terrible add

  30. Every line of coke I snort

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