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Susu Teixeira Ibe Adorjan ★ Liverpool FC ★ Skills against west brom

Thank you Sami!! You are great!! Good luck for the next few years at Leverkusen!! I keep my fingers crossed for you!! May 25th, 2009: 4000 views! Thank you …


  1. kelechi iheanacho 

  2. Arron Ramsey

  3. Hey man, could you do a video on Harry Wilson please?

  4. Ibrahem galib in nasser ksa

  5. hi dude… i wana no more from new reds youngster rafa paez.. thanx

  6. Ryan McLaughlin & Jordan Ibe

  7. Sandro Ramírez from fc Barcelona or Lionel enguene from fc Barcelona too

  8. Sterling

  9. marquinhos pleeeeaaaaseeee !!

  10. make a vid of arsenal’s Serge Gnabry?

  11. I win you all lose

  12. I won

  13. Can you make a video of Jack Dunn or Jordan Lussey please 🙂

  14. Delofeu

  15. Jesus “tecatito” corona? Please

  16. First comment.

  17. Can you make a Ebwelle highlight? He’s a player on Barca’s Juvenil A

  18. WoodsterzFxmGaming

    Dani pacheco liverpool?

  19. Can you make a video of Nacho Huertas?

  20. Santiago Vergini?

  21. Just noticed you’ve already done Dunn. Lussey please

  22. McLaughin pls?

  23. FingerboardsTARGadG3

    make henrikh mkitaryan.hes going to liverpool soon.

  24. it’s a great and touching video. Thanks for it. And thanks for you too,
    Sami Hyypia. We”ll never forget you.

  25. I also think that Luis Garcia was a great player, he spent three wonderful
    years at Liverpool. But for me, “legend” is something else. Cissé had been
    good until he broke his leg. After that, unfortunately he couldn’t play on
    the same level. He had some great moments, but that’s all. Anyway, I’m
    sure, both of us love Liverpool and the players of Liverpool, the
    difference between us is the interpretation of “legend”

  26. puyol? what u going on about there?…he plays for barca u idiot!! sami is
    a legend!!!!!!!!!

  27. Legend is a term bandied about too often these days. However for Liverpool
    Sami Hyypia fits this description

  28. oooooh sami sami, sami sami sami sami hyypiä!!! LEVERKUSEN!!! I must say
    I’M a Leverkusen fan, but liverpool is one of the best english football
    clubs I think!!! sorry for my bad english 🙂

  29. Wie es aussieht, wisst ihr Leverkusener Sami zu schätzen, oder?

  30. its a version of linkin park – in the end

  31. Thanks! we’ll miss him.. Could you tell what is that song?

  32. @eisbaerchen9 i too

  33. Yes you are… I cried too 🙁

  34. It was 1990 when i saw first time Sami Hyypiä on the field. He was 17 and
    played in FC PaPe (Voikkaa). He scored two goals in city of Kerava Sompio
    Football Field. I still have that VHS video. In Finland it was common to
    play at sand that time. It was very difficult those days to kick clearly,
    because the field made ball “unstable”. I noticed that Sami was good
    player. It´s very difficult to become a pro from Finland, but amazingly
    after Jari Litmanen Sami showed it´s possible.

  35. sami ;/ You`ll never walk alone!

  36. 4 dislikers must be chelsea fans..

  37. this video makes me cry ;(

  38. Thank you Sami. The Kop will always love you. you are our own. You are a
    Red. And you are a Scouser, through and through. YNWA Big Finn!

  39. Sami You Are A Legend And Always Will Be For Every Liverpool Supporter

  40. No sorry it isn’t:) it’s just in the end.

  41. i will miss you,sami

  42. What is this song..?? SAMI HYYPIÄ IS THE BEST!!!

  43. willem II tilburg. sammi our hero!

  44. seriously mate are u sure so why he gets a champions reception from
    liverpool fans every time he comes on dosent matter from opponent side and
    dont forgot what cisse have done for us for me any one who put that red
    shirt on is a legend but u have to be a scouse to under stand this all,no
    disrespect to u just putting me point of view

  45. A liverpool legend

  46. A GREAT THANK TO U EISBAERCHEN9 u pay tribute to legend and people will
    payback a tribute to u someday in the same way

  47. haha come on man 😛 dont use slightly above average defenders like
    carvalho, ferdinand and alex if youre trying to prove a point by comparing

  48. This player is a Legend , an all time Liverpool player

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