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Thiago Alcantara ► Welcome To Bayern Munich F.C | HD

Thiago Alcantara ▻ Welcome To Bayern Munich F.C | HD ▷ Like me on facebook : ▷ Music : 50 likes! 😉 ————–…


  1. Too bad he left barcelona…too bad…

  2. xBayeS | FIFA 14 i Sprint Parkoury!

    Please for song, up 50 likes bro! 😉

  3. One day he will be like xavi or inesta..maybe also better!!! Amazing
    talented!!!! Welcome Thiago!!!! welcome in munich!!!

  4. neuver lahm,martinez/boateng,dante,alaba swheinsteiger
    müller/robben,kroos,thiago,ribery götze/mandzhukic + shaqiri,gustavo crazy

  5. wollte zwar eigtl eine Götze beflockung aber jetzt wirds Thiago bitte lasst
    ihn Kommen !! 😀

  6. Harold Alarcon Paredes

    Never Lahm – Martinez – Dante – Alaba Swheinsteiger – Thiago Ribery – Gotze
    – Robben Muller DREAM TEAM 2013

  7. has he joined utd now? that will be sick!

  8. lol bayern hijack thiago from utd xD XD XD AHAHAHA

  9. JuventusScelta Divita

    Bulletproof is the song 😉

  10. whats the effects?

  11. To all people who were saying that we will be a sitting on a bench. Take a
    look at his 2 first games for Bayern. It looked like he was playing for
    years with this team. There won’t be a firm starting 11 in Bayern.

  12. He is not coming to man utd

  13. Ribéry schweini Müller lahm robben kroos alaba Dante

  14. Nicee 1 😉

  15. i don’t know if he will fit in bayen team or not? :L i have a feeling it
    would be a talent wasted

  16. He is in Bayern

  17. Guardiola is going to play 4-1-4-1 Neuer Lahm-Martinez-Dante-Alaba
    Schweinsteiger RIbery-Götze-Thiago-Robben Müller

  18. Nimm einen Spieler der schon was für den Verein geleistet hat und keine

  19. It certainly comes to manu because by all appearances !!!

  20. sick video!

  21. never? lol

  22. first comment nd sick vid mate!!!!

  23. kya khatee video, goat bwoi!

  24. MyLifeBeLikeOOOAAA1

    His hatrick vs italy U21 <3

  25. best vid my faveourite on youtube 🙂

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