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Toronto Chinese socool indoor soccer game

Toronto Chinese socool indoor soccer game.

Toronto Chinese Soccer Winter League at

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  1. raheemsterling45

    This was some week beat Real Madrid 4 0 beat Utd 4 1 and then beat Villa 5 0

  2. steve the best

  3. bring Rafa, and toress back !

  4. Great memories back when Liverpool were best and could beat MAN UTD 1-4 at Old Trafford. . . . . Not like now when they get 1-1 at home against Blackburn with Carroll and downing !!!

  5. football* ffs

  6. YNWA

  7. Thought the video would’ve ended like 5 times there :/

  8. idiot you bought REF

  9. When will them days be back 🙁 Come on Liverpool!!!!

  10. OhhhWhatAFinish

    Gerrard what a gun!

  11. song please?

  12. BREAKING NEWS: Queer Kenny has announced a new face will arrive at Anfield today. . . Kuyt and Skrtel are already fighting over who gets it.

  13. YNNWA

  14. liverpoolcheeze89

    @pokeriotevas firstly I am english and I support liverpool because my dad went to college there so if you don’t know what you are talking about please shut up

  15. LOL, American dude who supports Liverpool talks about glory-hunting. The truth is if you support any other team that’s not from your hometown/home country you’re glory-hunter. People support best teams, best players because it’s way better feeling to support good teams than average ones. Is that so hard to understand ? You too support Liverpool because it’s a good team, not like you’re going to support Shamrock Rovers right ?

  16. What Ship Has Never Docked In Albert Dock ? The Premiership , Come Back When You Have Won The Main league Cup!!! HAHA SHIT LIVERPOOL!

  17. liverpoolcheeze89

    Liverpool were far better than Manchester United that season ie: We beat them 4-1 at OLD TRAFFORD I have respect for Man U but not the 1/3 of there fans who support them for the glory

  18. only if he had won a few more of our games than draw we woulda won

  19. @Buckeyefan98 I was very new to video editing when i made this. This is one of the first ideos i uploaded. It annoys me watching it cos it was a very good video ruined by my inexperience.

  20. torres is the worst GB

  21. i knew something was wrong when the season after this we lost to villa

  22. bet your not saying that now 😛

  23. Liverpool deserved to win the league that year, just like Arsenal the year before but the scumbags called United luckily won both, United may have won the most titles but they will never have the history of Liverpool or the Arsenal

  24. FootballMontagesHD

    What a season that was, so close! Check my channel for a montage of that season for the reds! And subscribe for more HD football montages (message requests on who you want to see!)

  25. To all LFC supporters, the faggots are only shining up our perch, we’ll sit on it on again once they’re done cleaning it.
    To all faggots, Know your roles and shut your mouths, Arsenal put up a better fight at the Nou Camp that you losers did at Wembley

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