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Home / Toronto Croatia vs. Niagara United (2nd Division) – June 15, 2013

Toronto Croatia vs. Niagara United (2nd Division) – June 15, 2013

Canadian Soccer League 2nd division action from Hershey Stadium on June 15, 2013.
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  1. yes, just yes! GO EVRA 🙂

  2. Patrice Evra is a Champion. . . ?

    No, Just No.

  3. Still one more than you 😉

  4. haha 19 we only have 1 less

  5. oi cunt! im pretty sure we’ve won more fa and league cups than you! more champions leagues and 1 less pl you douchebag, at least we don’t really on fuckin 40 yr olds to help the squad dipshit

  6. Suarez is not a racist but he is a cunt, nuff said. . . he just doesn’t like Evra, because Patrice is a champion and Suarez is jealous of all his trophies. .

  7. H3CTiicDyNaMiicZ

    Fuck black people

  8. did i say PL is bigger ? No. im just saying most scousers revert to there history everytime which is annoying, especially the CL when they haven’t qualified in so many years. .

  9. I am not a scouser, it says something about you when you think PL is bigger than CL. You say 19 all the time, yet you point out that we haven’t won any. Well you haven’t won 19 either then. Please go and kill yourself

  10. TheLegendKillerrRko

    Fuck evra

  11. did you go to school ? or go ? “wow 19th” just put 19 not ‘th’ and you mean ‘cunt’ im guessing, can tell your scouse. . Aha typical liverpool fan resorting to CL, when was the last time you qualified for CL ?, how many FA Cups have you won ? oops and whens the last time you won the league ? before it was called the Premier league and when vanilla ice songs were in the charts. . SUMS IT ALL UP !

  12. wow 19th, he have 18th plus 5 CL. jokes on you count

  13. borini open his clothes

  14. we already have 19, jokes on you. . 

  15. I went to go watch that match it was really good!

  16. Yea I heard he was signing for liverpool so I saw a goal compilation of him, he does that celebration every time he scores.

  17. fuck meee why are people still hyping about the suarez evra shit. he got banned served his time end of. jog on haters, least he didn’t try and get a super injunction to block people reporting it.

  18. I agree with BarcaNick95

  19. 00:24 SWEATY GOAL.

  20. Evra is the gayest player on earth

  21. Y0utubeIsFuckingHomo

    Come back when youve won nine Champions League titles.

  22. Suarez; best prem player

  23. suarez is a rasist LAWL couch*ferdinand*couch oh sorry must of breathed in some manure fans

  24. If your here to start talking about the racism allegations go away

  25. Sooo. . . ? Any of the games that Man United played towards the end of the season Liverpool had nothing to do with. And the last time Liv’pool played Man U had little to no bearing on the title race.
    and on the second point, I was talking about the World Cup against Ghana. And yeah, I guess, maybe he shouldn’t have been suspended based solely on a claim, fault on the Premier League, but Evra really had no reason to lie about it.  Also I meant to type *no rover on Mars

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