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Toronto HD – Soccer Freestyle Part 2/2

Soccer freestyle at Toronto’s Dundas Square.

Disney Pro Soccer Classic: Columbus Crew vs Toronto FC - LIVE

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  1. Deelawn Altundal

    i swear i saw the one sitting down in the video.. he was at dundas square!! FUCKING amazing………. !!!! is this video posted by them or ?

  2. LOL true well maybe if u want u’ll see me

  3. I know this guy… lived on kennedy rd…

  4. It was a monday afternoon, they were the only act out there at that time. I guess they picked the spot where a lot of people would pass by.

  5. hey i had videos of their 1st performance out there i didnt know people could be able to book a spot more then once

  6. Dj SwanginandBangin

    thats ill
    how come everytime i go to young and dundas it seems to be that only the crackhead preformers r out haha

  7. Goal: 42:17

  8. GREAT

  9. oook, so how do we get to the next game

  10. Let’s go SKC!!!

  11. lol

  12. Justin Meram is amazing

  13. GO CREW

  14. Nice match. We won but TFC played pretty well.

  15. 3 points~

  16. It’s going to get pretty tore up throughout the day, I imagine.

  17. what you guys think how toronto pplaing

  18. Guess I was wrong. Looks like they are using same pitch.

  19. those gotta be preseason kits

  20. whos tfc fan here

  21. soo

  22. I think they are using multiple pitches.

  23. Are these new uniforms for Toronto?

  24. Is the next game going be on this same pitch? or else where?

  25. Columbus are getting lucky. We need to tighten defense.

  26. That was a great pass

  27. If you flag a user for spam you won’t see anymore of their posts.

  28. Columbus crew!

  29. Flagged for Spam

  30. Ohh look an account created four minutes ago…

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