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Home / Toronto International Chinese Soccer 2009 Summber 多伦多华人足球联赛2009

Toronto International Chinese Soccer 2009 Summber 多伦多华人足球联赛2009

Toronto International Chinese Soccer 2009 Summber 多伦多华人足球联赛2009.

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  1. ko izda pizda !!!

  2. Twat!!! We didn’t rely on Torres, he wasn’t even Liver, pool’s top scorer, Gerrard was. Also, Liverpool played the ball on the floor a lot under Rafa. However, you probably only watch the highlights so you wouldn’t have a clue would you.

  3. 0:22 😀 😀 

  4. Bloody hell, Andy Gray commentating an Torres scoring Goals.  I’m surprised this isn’t in black and white!

  5. good goal but gone now got suarez instead :)

  6. Torres was one of the best strikers in the world when he played for us

  7. haha

  8. Everyone misses this Torres. Hes a great player and he never put a foot wrong.

  9. The only reason he used to score is because liverpool used to Blast it up to him all the time, because they relied on him. Yet at chelsea they dont, hense why he doesnt get the chances or goals. Now liverpool rely on suarez and he isnt a goal scorer at all compared to what torres was.

  10. miss torres -. -‘ :'(

  11. Brilliant . Come back to Liverpool we all miss u so much our 9

  12. I could just watch his goals forever. miss him so much.

  13. I miss torres goals

  14. . . . torres miss goals too 🙁

  15. i was there 🙂

  16. mirinmyaestheticsbrh

    I miss torres AND andy gray

  17. I would if I could!

  18. plz take him bak 😉

  19. i want him back at lfc so much.

  20. I wouldn’t mind him back because the price will be even less then half of 50m Bargin

  21. take him

  22. I miss Andy Gray.

  23. as much as I would like him back, I would worship other players before him. My biggest gripe is that he is a liar, who promised everything to the club, adored the fans, the city and the atmosphere. . . . . . and then fucked off(not too dissimliar from the majoirty of player) but dont put yourself out there to be shot down when you turn traitor. For the record I would rather have a player I hate who scores, then one I love who doesnt

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