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Toronto ~ Soccer City

Looking at how various neighbourhoods in Toronto come alive during the World Cup.
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  1. zenit goal vs benfica?

  2. there are commentary from liverpool fc
    @ 3:04 he sais: for gerrard. . .

  3. andy grey wasnt comentator 4 barca vs chelsea ?

  4. Where’s Rodrigo goal vs FC Basel, Ronaldo goal vs Apoel?

  5. rodrigo goal vs basel

  6. Hulk’s goal vs Shakhtar?

  7. Ronaldo’s free kick v apoel

  8. NeapolitanMind

    INLER Goal Against Chelsea??? Forza Napoli;)

  9. WTF!??!?!?! WHERE IS SEMAK GOAL VS BENFICA?!??! watch?v=E3_eRlCH4U4&feature=related

  10. vinicius lima e silva

    chelsea champions fuck!!!!

  11. Valbuena (Dortmund) ??? bitch

  12. can you say the music name??

  13. Valbuena Vs Dortmund ?

  14. Where’s Valbuena’s goal against Dortmund?

  15. Music please ?

  16. where is ronaldo’s goal against ajax???????????

  17. You know, I’m not positive, but I don’t think the commentator yelled “FOR GERRARD” when Boateng scored.

  18. oh!!!!! yes great goal

  19. You forgot to put cardozo goal against United. . . xDD

  20. music name??

  21. bro zero goals for Messi he scored in all teams in every possible way a none is the best goal WTF !!!!
    still nice Video!!!

  22. Nice video

  23. Music name??? any1??

  24. Prince!

  25. terrible selection, and you can’t even see Kaka’s goal.

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