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Toronto Tigers( an Afghani soccer club )

this team is an Afghani soccer club with an Afghani soccer players in it and made by Afghans who love soccet. this video is with da backround music and its a…

Red Patch boys sings at Toronto FC LA Galaxy Saturday May 31st 2008, canada, bmo field, soccer, football, futbol, red patch boys singing at the toronto fc, t…
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  1. SniperMoneyMaker

    This is my hero , love you Ronaldo , i will always do that , and i play soccer today and i will become famous and meet you !

  2. tre assist di Baggio. .

  3. energyengineer85

    This man is a genius

  4. inter were the best team in 1999 and i still love them, i donno why.

  5. Legendary game! and yes, it was 4-5

  6. And where is totti?

  7. . why are you even mentioning c ronaldo? hes not even the best right now, never mind comparing him to a legend like ronaldo.

  8. This is ronaldo before his injury. What an effective player he was. Better than Cristiano Ronaldo. 

  9. Ronaldoooooooooooooo

  10. il piu’ forte di sempre. 

  11. grandeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ronaldoooooooooooooooooooo

  12. no one like him no cristian ronaldo not even messi

  13. orchard of mines

  14. great video but also great song. . . what’s the name of the song plese?


  15. last goal was not offside it should been hat-trick to the phenomeno ronaldo

  16. Fantastic video. . . he is the goalkeepers nightmare. . . no one can stop him even nesta . . . but please can you tell me what is this song in the video??!!

  17. Baggio and Ronlado were the best together baggio with his deadly passes, creativity and ronaldo with his cleverness to bad they both had probs with many injuries

  18. great video :) greatest player ever – no doubt. Wasn’t offside. shoul’ve been a hatrick!

  19. Ronaldo is the best player ever

  20. I believe that the last goal was clear it ,he was not in outside. . . phenomenom keep making this videos pete excelent job 😀

  21. good afghaner i’m a afghaner too

  22. Nice kids. 😉 – but the song was stupid – miga beya da baghalem beshe jarq zada ahahahha

  23. Bachem hamo goal akhera ke naveed zad na greftesh :(( . . . Dega dafa sahe film bardare ko . . . Hey BTW . . . Woz the last song called ???

  24. wat a nice molidan from that dukhtar lol mansur market roghan haha

  25. Are you Guys all from Bangladesh??????
    cool you look like them… Peace..

  26. my goal was sick
    i feel like watching it 1000 times over and over
    beautiful soccer

  27. Ahhaa wassz guuuddd niiggzz”” btww ma cuzin saiiiszz u gt nooo lyfe buhh uu nooe ii luve uu naveed 😛 u fobb lolll

  28. Quickwinklongsstare

    so do we , the camera person dosent know where the supporters are tho =P

  29. que saben de pasion?

    boca juniors la 12 la hinchada mas grande

  30. I agree nothing like you brits cuz there’s no rioting, ugly women or rotten teeth.

  31. What the fuck is that!? hahaaaa

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