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U8: Jeux de Montreal 2011 demi finale soccer

U8: Jeux de Montreal 2011 demi finale soccer

Jeux de Montréal 2011, Soccer, demi finale: CS Villeray (1) -FC Lions du Plateau (0)
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  1. scrumptiousherb

    1:35 simply amazing.

  2. I really miss Villa!!!!!!!


  4. suck a dick

  5. not funny

  6. bliblablub blubiblub

    david villa

  7. David Villa seriously needs to come back. .
    With Euro 2012 coming up, spain will get some trouble without him. .

  8. i can’t wait till villa comes back barca needs him

  9. at least hes still in fifa =D

  10. next year?? he might be recovered for CL final this season 😉

  11. love you villa . . . i and all barca fans miss you so much

  12. our left side in barca has been unstable since you left . . . no one could take that place from you . . . you are the best I’ve seen at that position . . . Next year we will witness david villa’s return stronger than he ever was

  13. We are waitingr you Villa !!!!

  14. HastaLaVista916

    Villa is Spanish greatest footballer alive! Top scorer and always there where necessary! I really-really hope, that he can play in EM12.  I couldn’t imagine Spanish national team without Villa.
    I wish him a great recovery work and please make an amazing comeback!!

    Your big fan. 🙂

  15. David Villa,pls coming back soon,and we miss u,we need u!!!

  16. Watercolour by Pendulum

  17. We Miss you

  18. David Villa, WE MISS YOU!

  19. villa, villa, villa, VILLA MARAVILLA!!! 😀 we miss you!!! u. u

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