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uefa champions league 2012 winners (bayern munchen vs chelsea fc)

uefa champions league 2012 winners (bayern munchen vs chelsea fc)

2012 Champions league final ceremony.

Chelsea FC - Headlines from New York

Gigi Salmon brings us the latest Chelsea News from the Yankees Stadium where Chelsea will play against PSG tomorrow night.
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  1. was a nice match…

  2. يجي يالبلوز

  3. the joke that put your players head between your legs! aahhhaa i laugh  @ you germany!

  4. well that joke made them win 2 cups

  5. chelseas strategy is a joke

  6. Bayern munchen….. is a JOKE.

  7. Bosingwa sucks. Why did not he yield to the captain Terry the front for holding up the trophy? Actually, he did worst at Chelsea. He should be kicked out from Chelsea next season

  8. meireles is one of the best players we had last season and then we just sold him

  9. Actually most matches are like that with american football but this was actually in NYC (bronX) I was there

  10. There is no football stadium in New York. They may associate themselves with New York, but the stadiums are located in New Jersey.

  11. MexicanSneakerHead

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  12. Miss Torres-where is he ?

  13. When is Torres supposed to rejoin the squad btw?

  14. hes a good play maker

  15. cuz saying it on youtube is gonna help

  16. Bosingwa’s a European Champion, does that make him a good player? Let me answer that; No it fucking doesn’t. So that analogy is flawed.

  17. Funny. Obviously I’ve already looked it up.

  18. No im not i’m a Chelsea fan,my comment i sent to him was suppose to be to someone else because he was criticising Chelsea.Ii commented to the wrong person.

  19. 11:30 pm tommorrow night

  20. Thanks

  21. cech branna luiz terry cole lamps mikel hazard mata ramires torres

  22. On chelsea tv. If you want a stream go to click on the football tab and they stream chelsea tv for free. Or go to or, they stream football games aswell.

  23. Chelsea x Juve or Chelsea x Madrid

  24. what time is the game? (uk time)

  25. Bleach7Chelseafanx

    It’s easier to get to for New Yorkers and still has a capacity of 54,000. Redbull Arena is harder to get to and has less than 30,000 seats. The Jets/Giants Stadium does have over 80,000 seats, but is an EXTREME pain to get to and from.

  26. Of course I would too. But Man City are a prime example of how spending millions on players doesn’t guarantee you immediate success… I actually see Juventus in the final… They’re a top team at the moment… And they will add to their squad before the transfer deadline… So I’m gonna say Juve v Chelsea for the CL final next season…

  27. We were going to get Oscar anyway he’s not experienced or good enough to start for Chelsea yet. Also Modric is an amazing player I think it would be a waste if we don’t go for him.

  28. but he is irregular, hiding in big matches..

  29. He is going to Madrid, and we will get Oscar instead him

  30. Ibrahimovic will play against us today?

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