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UEFA Champions League Munich Final 2012: FC Bayern München vs. Chelsea FC

A look back at the Road to Munich. Two teams, one final. Red or Blue? Make your choice at adidas is all in Follow adidas football:…
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  1. รณชัย สุริเย

    Petr Cech-Drogba.

  2. yes my gosh that is so true chelsea are nazis because we beat bayern munich such the true

  3. What a joke.

  4. WOW its really ironic because have you heard of a person called hitler

  5. How many finals did they make it to? how many semi-finals were they robbed? Tell me one team who deserved to win it more

  6. Fuck theo wati B

  7. you said “Nazi football club” but you’re german, sie mad bruder? wanker.

  8. Fuck chelsea

  9. dumm dümmer am dümmsten du!

  10. LOL! Love it when Germans call others Nazis! Learn about your ancestors looser! First and second world wars were started (and lost) buy Germany… You are purely just not winners…

  11. All goals on my channel go take a look guys 🙂

  12. what a lucky team !

  13. ULTRASLANphillyUSA

    watch?v=3mymtv5tJTY DROGBA,SNEIJDER GALATASARAY vs. SCHALKE 04?  Sampiyonlar liginde nereye kadar gideriz? Yorumlarinizi bekliyoruz linkteki videoya! COMMENTS?

  14. come on you blues !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Like them or not, they win the game + didn’t cheat .. now tell me how they’re not deserve it ? is it because they’re not your favorite team ?

  16. Chelsea deserve this ? are u fucking stupid ?

  17. sadly,i think it did cuz he did not play

  18. Islam is the religion of truth ..God said in the holy book (and Itbg other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him)

    (It is God to guide him open his heart to Islam)

    Islam is a religion pardon, and peace

    No God but God and Mohammed is his prophet

  19. Don’t mention the war….oops….

  20. Gracias a gente como yo ellos pueden hacer de todo.Gracias a mi familia ellas se ponen celosas y se dejan hacer de todo.

  21. Lol, for Bayern this was 99 all over again…

  22. As a United fan i think Chelsea really deserve this trophy .. i mean they’re such a great team but didn’t get as many trophies as they should.

    Oh and i think Terry’s nightmare has no longer haunt him since that night.

  23. you mad NIKE?

  24. In Germany / LOL

  25. Bayern! Chelsea ☺☺

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