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Yesil strikes in 5 goal thriller

Highlights of Liverpool Under 21’s 3-2 victory over Wolves. Samed Yesil’s late winner maintained the Reds unbeaten record for the season. Watch more under 21…
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Watch how the Liverpool FC team made the red ribbon at Melwood to show their support for World AIDS Day.
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  1. Highlights of Liverpool Under 21’s 3-2 victory over Wolves. Samed Yesil’s
    late winner maintained the Reds unbeaten record for the season.

  2. All the U-21 teams are shit. They all suck. Of course loserpool u-21 can
    win games because it’s shit vs shit.

  3. This seasons pushing it but next we could at least be dark horses for it. I
    find it hard to believe it wont be a Utd/City/Chelsea 1-2-3 (No particular
    order, Chelsea can just pump money in if they do shite this season) with
    Tottenham/Arsenal/Liverpool and possibly Everton challenging for 4th
    (Tottenham is the strongest, if they add a class striker might even push
    Chelsea all the way imo).

  4. You’re high man. Liverpool will never become champions again.

  5. Oh, sorry 😛

  6. Very good

  7. First of all, get off Rodgers dick. Thanks. Liverpool are in a bad spot at
    the moment. No champions league football for years and great players like
    Suarez and Agger has higher ambitions then being beaten by Stoke, Aston
    Villa and Oldham. If we dont reach CL soon they will leave. What world are
    you living in?

  8. is it yesil the german player or another yesil ??

  9. Are you illiterate? I hope you are because at least you’d have an excuse…

  10. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaahhahahahaaaaahahahaaaaaaaaahaaahahhahahaha

  11. pacheco is now officially goneski !

  12. youll never walk alone

  13. really ?, Liverpool under 21s and youth are maybe the best in the country
    and barcelona says they are second best in the world only to .

  14. Yeh RVP is a mercenary thats why he signed for City for shitloads more
    money than United offered him and why he als…….Oh, hang on a minute…

  15. adaakukesah janjilfc

    malaysia don train boys to be terorist like u yankee…are u black metalik

  16. We’re talking about this guy though, not Liverpool’s fanbase as a whole.
    And also, history is something to be proud of, and ours is one of the best
    in the world. And yes, we aren’t in the best of the positions right now,
    but we’re clawing our way back.

  17. No he is german,his parents are turkish. He got a german passport,.. wich
    makes him german.

  18. love it – keep it up lads!

  19. Marc Pelosi

  20. Lol you’re joking right? American football sucks.

  21. LFC U21 > LFC First Team :/

  22. you should be able to play a real game in a few years time!

  23. That in itself is illiterate because illiterate means you cannot do
    literacy, so even if the point you’re attempting to put across was correct
    which it is not you are being incredibly stupid

  24. he’s turkish haha

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