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Yokohama Marinos vs Manchester United 3-2 All Goals & Highlights 23/07/2013 Friendly

Yokohama Marinos vs Manchester United 3-2 All Goals & Highlights 23/07/2013 FriendlyYokohama Marinos vs Manchester United 3-2 All Goals & Highlights 23/07/20…
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  1. im excited. dont waste time guys , rush to this site and get ur ipad3 or iphone as per ur choice. just listen for now, make sure you tell the address and email properly to send the giftbox. dont run away have a try now ->

  2. You don’t need to use hash tags pal. This is youtube.

  3. #moyesout

  4. Kbr,you writing essay or what..??????

  5. Hahaha nicely put pal

  6. Nice to hear. Yeah the man that toppled Liverpool from being the Big boys on the Mersey side. He needed to be manager just for that lol. But on a serious note i think his man management skills may help a lot. He seems to get the best out of his players so lets hope that transitions to the top top players. Also i am interested to see how he will play. And i think if he wants to keep Rooney he will be playing potentially 2 up front with RVP & Rooney. Either way its going to be interesting pal 🙂

  7. yes true… but then again, for neymar to stop diving would be a minus for barca 😉

  8. Hahah no worries pal. Yeah people assumed that about him, I have the same opinion as you. The Brazillian league may not be as tough as some in Europe. But its still a very good level and his record proves he can do the business. If he cuts out his diving he could be a real Gem. I think Brazilians are now finding it a bit easier in Europe, well the premiership i should say as it has became more technical. Spain will be very good for Neymar. Time on the ball and more space.Think Ronaldhino before

  9. Optimism??? I could swear on my mothers life that I was the first person to rate moyes BEFORE ANYBODY. when everybody gave me strange looks as if to say “you know nothing”. I’m talking 2005 time. he’s even managed to stay on top of liverpool with everton… so why would you say to me “Why can you not think”? I thought this through ages ago. And back fergies decision….

  10. Hhaha so other people have told you… How do i think i am wise… now who is assuming lol. I’m happy you are at least saying 2 years. Today people are idiots and think you can change a club in 6 months. But why such skepticism instead of optimism? He did well with Everton with what they had at their disposal. Why can you not think. Ah with more resources would he not do better? We have seen that even managers with Trophies can be shit. They just inherit a team. A bit like Benitez

  11. LOL I know I did sound like a yank bringing up his name haahahha. but I said that to all the english fans that hated on neymar, saying he’s overrated because he hasnt played in europe

  12. I agree for sure. I don’t know why you brung up Pele? your comment sounded like it was from some uneducated yank talking about soccer and Pele as they know no one else. I am still unsure why you brought that up? I also said George Best, as you mentioned Pele not paying in Europe. So i was comparing why people don’t say Best isn’t great. So i don’t know how my reply was typical?

  13. LOL you really think your wise with those comments…what you’re saying is not new to me at all…heard it all before and i’ve even said it to people before. As a supporter I will judge him because he has not won a trophy and doesn’t know what it is like to win….but fergie did before he came to united. H e needs to prove to the fans. I’m giving him 2 years to win a trophy regardless of wheter its an EPL or a standard Carling cup. As a fan I have that right. I want the best for my club

  14. I care to mate. But i am not a plastic hypergondriact fan. I support my team and manager and don’t go slagging himor them off on Youtube. There are enough Liverpool fans doing that for us lol. But mate give the bloke a chance and as i said don’t pre judge during pre season. I thin you should go support someone else because United is about the team and the family. Not about calling for heads but working through it.

  15. I’m just pointing out the fact that even a player who turned into what Ronaldo is today. Struggled in pre season against weaker opponents. That is all. 

  16. England has shit facilities. Here even in Switzerland the small clubs have better facilities than some of the teams in Championship. And you are now saying the minimum we should get is a draw. Hahaha so pre season not at full fitness! the results reflect what you say and why i’m not too worried. But on England. Yeah i think we need to learn a thing or two from Europe. Our sports funding is pretty shocking in general. Which is sad. One of the many reasons i ive here now..

  17. I weren’t laughing at his talent, but once again you come to an assumption. I was laughing at how typical your comment was. And the best player at united is only your opinion, just remember that……

  18. I am from Cumbria originally. And i have MUTV in Switzerland mate. I have been a United fan since i was a child as it is my Families team. Its our religion.

  19. Were you born in 1989? if that is the meaning to your tag/name? If so i forgive you on your lack of knowledge on George Best. But you should check out some of his old footage. Such skill and the ball was like a brick then when wet and 2 footed tackles were allowed. As i said shame he was a drunk and nationality was Northern Irish so no Big international stage for him.

  20. argument??? call it what you want. I can’t help that you felt threatened. I tell you how it is because I actually care about my team. you can go support man shitty or QPR for all I care

  21. you honestly gonna compare ronaldo to these guys??? now your targeting individuals…united have always been about team play, so why you changing everything? ha!

  22. And LOL at George Best. Shows how much you know about football and true raw talent. Shame the bloke was a piss head alcoholic by 25. He is one of the best players ever at United.

  23. I saw the goals…and no, the coaching part doesn’t matter. plenty of terrible coaches out there…
    but lets be real “mr coach” england brag about having the best facilitys to bring up young players yet these poor thai country’s are way ahead. the minimum a reserve united squad should get is a draw

  24. Did you watch Ronaldo for United in Pre season when he was 18-19? He wasn’t tearing them apart and in some games was not that great. They are still young. Your hole argument was stupi to begin with mate. They are called Friendlies for a reason. They mean nothing in the sense of their results. If the game has enough positives, players looking sharp, fit etc. Then it may be seen as a success. If we went out mid season with our strong starting 11 it would be about 5-0.

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